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With everything that has been going on, I completely forgot to mention….this beauty is now MINE!

Gibson Rusty Anderson ES-335. I actually am not the biggest fan of 335s due to body size, but this thing just dug a hole in my musical heart I couldn’t ignore.

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Florida is about to be hit by what can only be described as a storm of “Hulk’s big green dick” proportions

Florida is about to be hit by what can only be described as a storm of “Hulk’s big green dick” proportions


Keith is super cool and sending me a button to give away!! I’m very excited because the last time I tried to celebrate my unbirthday in the park some cast members in a restaurant got confused and starting singing to me….you won’t have that problem with this awesome button.


  • Must be following me (thedisneyhipster) and KeithLapinig on tumblr!
  • Likes and reblogs count!
  • No giveaway blogs because it’s weird.
  • Winner will be picked using random.org
  • Contest ends Friday March 7th- if you are in WDW that weekend I can even give it to you in person.

Don’t forget to visit Keith all over the internet, he’s neat:

Portfolio - http://www.keithlapinig.com
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Twitter - @keithlapinig
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Hahahahaha this is awesome!


"Braid Runner" and "Mulan Rude" are my favorites. <3

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I MADE NEW BUTTONS! These will be rare limited buttons I’m making to be mainly given out in synchronization with DisneyBound when they hold contests for my other design with Ariel.

To enter, simply follow both my Tumblr (keithlapinig) and DisneyBound.
Then, reblog this post!

One random will be selected for the Peter Pan button.

Don’t forget to enter all of my other contests for custom buttons!
If you want to win an Olaf “Warm Hugs” button, go to my Facebook Page for that contest! - http://www.facebook.com/keithlapinig
If you want to win an Unbirthday button, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel since I give out a button to a random commenter on my newest videos. http://www.youtube.com/keithlapinig

Win a button! And send it to me! haha

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